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Taking mining projects and investment opportunities online

There’s a better way to facilitate mining projects and investments.

After decades facilitating deals in the global mining sector, it became clear that the industry was ready for a more efficient way to share vital data, streamline talks, and move projects to completion.

That’s why we created MineMaker.

MineMaker closes the gap between investors and prospectors. We understand the pain points on both sides, and we’re here to offer you solutions.

Our mission is to leap mining forward.

Today, technology allows us to connect and grow at an accelerated rate. MineMaker offers technology-based solutions that drive better processes and facilitate stronger partnerships in the global mining industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

MineMaker is an investment platform focusing on the mining, oil & gas, and industrial gas sectors. It allows the investors to meet the owners of these projects through a formal channel. First, project owners will upload information on their projects (at any stage of development). Investors then review these opportunities, using simple search-specific criteria. If an investor sees an opportunity that interests them, they can ask for more information or to speak with the owner.

Before we created MineMaker, there was no formal channel for investors or project owners to meet and exchange information on project opportunities. MineMaker is the platform everyone was waiting for – Owners can now post information on opportunities, and Investors review these before selecting any that interest them.

 On the MineMaker platform, an “Investor” is a person or company that is looking to invest in, or buy, a project.  An “Owner” is a person or company who has legal ownership of all or part of a project. An Owner might also be an agent acting on behalf of an Owner.

Before Minemaker, investors had no centralized point to find and review opportunities in the natural resources sector. Likewise, project owners (particularly early-stage) had limited means to meet investors. Introductions were through informal channels, often facilitated by an agent and were often limited by ‘who you know’. Owners typically provided badly prepared ‘decks’ to sell their opportunity, leading to miscommunications, delays, and lack of interest from investors. MineMaker addressed these issues, providing a platform for owners and investors to meet through a formal channel.  Owners present their projects in a structured format, and Investors can peruse and review these before deciding to proceed further.

The process is simple and works a little like a dating application for Investors (seeking investment opportunities) and Owners (who are seeking an investment). It goes like this:

  • Users of the MineMaker platform must complete the registration process, which includes accepting the MineMaker Terms and Conditions.
  • An Owner (or his agent) completes a questionnaire on their opportunity, providing information on the project and type of investment they are seeking.
  • The information is posted in template format on the MineMaker platform, addressing only the key information that investors want to know about.
  • Investors can review the opportunities with simple search-specific criteria.
  • If an investor is interested in an opportunity, they simply click on ‘express interest’ and wait for a response from the MineMaker team or the Owner.
  • With the support of the MineMaker team, the Investor and the Owner will discuss and exchange until a deal is agreed.

 There are significant risks associated with investing in a resource project, particularly early-stage projects. Risks to consider when investing include:

  • The mining project may fail or won’t develop enough to deliver a return to Investors. If this happens, you won’t receive your money back.
  • Your investment will likely be locked into the business for a long time – often several years – and you may not be able to sell your shares or withdraw your investment should you need to.
  • You may not receive dividends on your investment as the business looks to reinvest any profits to facilitate further development and exploration.
  • Many mining projects do not discover any mineral resources or, where they do, it may not be an economically extractable or mineable mineral resource.
  • Many resource projects do not proceed to development or operations, and so may never make any money.

Learn more about the risks of investments in our risk warning.

MineMaker carries out an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) check on all investors using the platform.

An AML check is an identity assessment to ensure all investors are who they claim to be and not investing on behalf of somebody else. Generally, the AML check will be completed in the background using electoral data. Nevertheless, MineMaker may require a copy of two documents, one to confirm your identity and one to confirm your address. After your identity is verified, we may contact you once a year to confirm your status and identity.

MineMaker may be subject to legal requirements, requiring appropriate identity evidence for investors when transactions take place. This is to prove that all investors seeking to invest in a business via MineMaker are who they say they are, no matter how small or large the investment.

Owners review the opportunities that have been posted by Owners. If an Investor is interested in an opportunity, it can select and save the opportunity for future consideration, and express interest. Please see the Terms for Investors and Terms for Owners.

 To build and operate the most advanced mining investment platform in the world, including our staff costs, we have carefully calculated the fees required. In this regard, the fees include:

  • Subscription Fee. There is a small monthly fee to be a subscriber to MineMaker.

“This is a great tool for everyone involved in mining. As the owner and promoter of opportunities in Australia and North Africa, I can finally share these with a large investor audience that is not limited to my own contacts.”

Baker Kudera

Ashgill Mining

“This is a great tool for everyone involved in mining. As the owner and promoter of opportunities in Australia and North Africa, I can finally share these with a large investor audience that is not limited to my own contacts.”

Baker Kudera

Ashgill Mining